Corona long-term effects

Chinese researchers have found a frosted-glass-like cloudiness in the lungs of some recovered COVID-19 patients, suggesting permanent organ damage. The numbers are hopeful: More than 80,000 people have now recovered from the lung disease COVID-19 . Because you had only a mild or moderate course of the disease and / or because you …

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Lung problems in scleroderma

Many people with scleroderma (also known as systemic sclerosis) have changes in their lungs. But not everyone’s lungs change noticeably. 1-5 Basically, scleroderma can affect your lungs in two different ways: 1, 6 Pulmonary fibrosis (a condition called interstitial lung disease [or ILD]) – the lung tissue thickens, becomes stiff and scarred. Pulmonary arterial …

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Lung disease and breathing disorders

Most people with childhood cancer do not develop lung disease and breathing problems after treatment. But some treatments for childhood cancer can cause such problems. They can damage the air sacs and blood vessels in the lungs. Therapy can also cause airway swelling and increased mucus production due to irritation or infection. …

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